Friday, January 23, 2009

on holiday

That's right, even though we just had leave over Christmas, we are on holiday again. We thought we would take in the TDU this year, but what with one thing or another we haven't. However the leave was booked so we are just hangin' around relaxing.

I am relaxing by cleaning house. One of the joys of life in the tropics is the ease with which one can slip into being a member of the Addams family.

You may laugh at that spider, but he is lurking behind the couch even as I type. And he is making webs, and conspiring with gekkos to commit bloody murder on my walls. There is mould spreading across every surface. It takes just one wet season here to turn your house from home beautiful to this :

unless you are seriously committed to clean.

I read once that the reason the Dutch are so very tidy is because they developed their cleaning regime in damp North Sea salty conditions. Used to maintaining constant vigilance against mould they overcleaned anywhere else they migrated to, and thus had the spankiest house on the block.

Sadly, having grown up in the sterile storage unit which is Canada I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning required to keep my house from looking like an abandoned property. So I am having a very Dutch holiday, with many a happy hour up a stepladder and dishpan hands at the end of every day.

 I have to do something with my energy, it is too thundery to cycle, and I have been two days without a ride.  


Bluenoser said...

Tell me about the Dutch over cleaning thing... I work for them.

As Lerch would say. Ughghghghghghghg...


Dee said...

I figured you would appreciate this post.