Friday, February 6, 2009

40 days and nights

With no end in sight. Time to post a few pics.
Black's Weir, which is usually just a concrete wall

a cyclist fed up with taking detours. I hung around to make sure he didn't get snapped by a croc!!
The view from my office window is bright on even the gloomiest days

 Finally, a before and after shot of the bridge across the mighty Burdekin, taken one year and 2 weeks apart. The shots are from reverse directions, but the same eucalypt tree (to the right of me on my bike in shot 1) is to the left in shot 2. (I think)

Yes the water is now 5 metres (that's around 16.5 feet) OVER the bridge. In the dry season it is around 16 metres below the bridge. Impressive.

Oh look! It is raining again! Yes I rode in today, and I'll ride home. I bought fenders and I am getting my monies worth out of them!!

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Bluenoser said...

Pretty darn impressive.