Saturday, February 28, 2009

holy crap

Right. I am racing in a time trial tomorrow. I have not done any special training. I have no plan, or for that matter - skills. I intend to go as hard as I can (try and stay around 35kms/hr) and save something for the sprint home. I hope I don't fall over at the turn. I hope I don't throw up, ladies don't barf. I hope that Scott (Boab) - who has been sidelined by our doctor because of a medical condition - gets some fun out of the day because I am racing. And to Groover, this one is for you too.


Bluenoser said...

Dial in a heartrate of about 95% and hold there. You'll do fine Dee.

Good Luck!


Groover said...

Thanks Dee. That's sweet. If you don't thow up, you didn't go hard enough! :-) Can't wait to read how you went.

Thanks also for stopping by and commenting on my blog.