Tuesday, February 3, 2009

no cycling here!

It is really, really rainy. 
That low on the north east of Australia is sitting pretty much on my house. I cycled to work on Monday on my "super commuter" MTB bike, and it was hard pushing through water up to the hubs! Getting to work dripping wet and dirty is fun though, and I had a grinny trip to work. This morning it was just too wet, the rain was coming down like a wall of wet, so I took the bus.

I think I will probably ride tomorrow, no matter what. The council workers were putting up barriers over part of my route when I walked over to check out the weir this evening, but I can find another way. The wet season is a rare adventure. 

There is currently close to 2 metres of water flowing over the dams along the river. Most of the bikeway is submerged. The rain is pelting down, we have had more than 300 mm in 24 hours, and our guest, in the guest room on the ground floor woke up with cold water up to his ankles. I would love to drive out to Charters Towers tomorrow, to see the river almost 7 meters over the Macrossan bridge. It is usually around 16 metres under the bridge, so WOW!!!

I'll take some photos tomorrow. We are dry and safe. There is another cyclone brewing for Friday...

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