Saturday, February 21, 2009

sunny and hot

Now that the rain has passed I have had some great rides to work. The flood waters are falling fast and the smell along the river is 'interesting' in places. I am taking new detours daily as roads are closed for crews to fill and patch damage caused by runoff. We don't have ditches in this part of the world, and I figure that is most of  the problem for most of the roads, but hey, they have their own way of doing things.

The sun has been shining and the forecast is "sultry" the word I fear more than "cyclone". Good thing the airconditioner is fixed, I can cower inside and do extra cleaning to battle the ever reappearing mould. Outside plants that were thrilled and growing fast during the rains are burning to a crisp in the sun. Actually I think they are stewing. Either way, some things are looking poorly right now.

A big roll up for the coffee ride this morning. The owner of the coffee shop must be very relieved to see all the fair weather cyclists come out, blinking, into the sun. I am always smugly pleased (when notes are being compared about rides) to be able to report that I rode every day last week. It was perfect! I have missed few days riding because of the weather, and some of the most excellent rides have been in rain and on my old hard tail.

Please everybody, get a cheap and nasty bike for those dirty days. It is a blast.

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Bluenoser said...

What a place of contrasts you live in Dee.