Monday, February 16, 2009

training rides

People always ask me why I ride so much, and I have developed a repertoire of answers ranging from “because I can” to “preparing for old age”. The real answer was found today when the phone rang at about 3:30. Boab – “get going soon if you can, there is a big thunder storm about to crest the range.” Just then an email arrives from the University: “Severe thunder storm warning, leave now if you live in a low lying area or have concerns about safe travel”. So I whipped off the nice dress and whipped on the daggy, damp cycling gear and off I took.

The sky was dark slate. Lots of thunder the back of Mt Stewart. I scalded home. If you need to do 40 kms/hr, it is good that you can. I didn’t even stop to fill my water bottle, so I got home hot, dry, and relieved.  A big glass of water in hand I stood on the deck and listened to the rain, like a freight train, coming towards the house. I made it with at least a minute to spare.


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