Sunday, February 8, 2009

waterfalls on Mt Stuart

Waterfalls on the mountains around Townsville are a rare treat, so I am always on the look out during heavy rains for this ephemeral sight. I am learning to like the rain, and enjoy cycling when it is raining now. I have learned to take extra everything so I don't have to put on soaking clothes at the end of the day, and so my commute is very pleasant. I selfishly enjoy the lack of traffic on the bits of the bikeway I can still use, and cars on the connecting roads seem pretty sympathetic and polite. Most of the glass on the roads has washed away (probably into the potholes). 

The downside is the state of the garden:
At least the stuff in the raised beds should be rotting down quickly.

All things considered, I did well to get more than 150 kms under the wheels this week. All on my old hard tail mountain bike too, which I am really enjoying hauling along on the daily grind. My legs feel tired today, which is a good indication I am building some fitness pushing a much heavier bike. I hope so, and I'll be doing it all next week too. 

Hard to say when the dry weather will return, or how long it will be till the roads on my commute are patched enough for the road bike. At least I am still having fun.

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