Thursday, February 5, 2009

a window of opportunity

The rain has eased. We are still cut off to the north, south and west, and east lies the sea. Actually, in cartographic fact, versus common thought, we are cut off to the south, east, west and north lies the sea. Well, actually, it is a scale issue, very small scale maps are scenario one, larger scale is 2. Cartographers are such geeks.

I have been loving riding without rain. I still get home muddy, and the route is very circumlocutious. Much of the bikeway is deep under water, so there are lots of strange side trips to keep me more or less on my chosen route.

The river is full to bursting, the dams are booming with overflow, and we have king tides and a major rain event forecast. I am very glad I live in a high house. Not only is it breezy, but it is far from the ground, and I think we may loose sight of that this weekend.

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