Sunday, March 29, 2009

another race day!

Boab is back racing! For the second time in his life a doctor thought he had heart issues, tested the shit out of him - and found that he was in great shape and was race ready. So out to Bohle this morning for 6am registration and a 6:30 start to criterion.

I took the day off. Sunday is usually a rest day for me, and since I was away from the 16-19 I have made a big effort and done over 500 kms since the 19th. So this morning I got up early, packed up lots of food and a big coffee, and headed to the race to support my team of one.

Just excellent. A clear, soft morning. Dark on arrival, there is the frantic assembly of the bike, check everything, shoes on and Scott does some laps of the course as the sun crests the horizon. Kookaburras make a loud fuss over daybreak. Riders hum past, and I enjoy a comfy chair and a hot coffee.

The racing starts. Kids and D grade, then B grade, then A. It takes a long time and the morning grows hot on the treeless plain. The crit is held at a new site, an industrial estate that has an excellent loop, and (as yet) little industry. We hope it will serve us well for awhile. Townsville is growing so fast it is hard to find a paved loop that remains quiet for morning racing.

There is a good roll up. Racers and family barrack for the riders in every race. Much hilarity ensues as some struggle and others triumph, and it is like a big family. ‘Sweet’ as we say in North Queensland. All friends. No foes. I like races.