Friday, March 20, 2009

back home

I am a successful person I suppose, valued as a professional. But lately I just don't love to travel like I used to. Nice hotels, good food, no bike.

I got home yesterday and this morning I decided to do a double ride to make up for a lost week in Brisbane. So I rode with the bunch at 5:30, came home for a bite and a coffee, then took myself to the dam before work. That's 62km before work. 82.7 for the day.

I have to confess it was just excellent, but I need to get together an outfit which lets me wear compression tights at the office. I could get up stairs all day, but getting down was a bit of an issue.

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Groover said...

Ever in Brisbane and in need of a ride then let me know (email address on my profile). I have a spare road bike Trek 1400 and would be more than happy to show you the infamous Riverloop before work or meetings!