Saturday, March 28, 2009

back to being a gardener

This blog is mostly about cycling (and whinging about work, apparently) but I am a gardener too. We have been on holiday from gardening. The wet season is too hot and too wet to garden, so you basically just abandon the yard and hope for the best come fall.

Today was the first coolish day we have had since spring. A brief regret that you forgot the arm warmers at 5:30 am, a blast of cold air as Mt. Lousia exhales at sunrise. The high today was probably 30, but our yard is cool and shady and moist, so it was much cooler, and we had a proper afternoon getting stuck into the gardening.

Gardening in the tropics means planting nice thing, then doing battle with them for the rest of your life as they try to take over. This wet season has been especially conducive to turning ‘plants’ into ‘triffids’.

Behold a few nice gingers we planted 5 or so years ago. They have been kept in check by the fact that, in Townsville, if you don’t water it, it dies. Not this year, they have spread into a full hedge, and I will have a ton to give away when I thin them.

 We cut them back today so you could actually see the torch blooms, and the smell of ginger in the yard was just divine.

Then there are the heliconias. Usually they bloom about chest high, and I go out and cut big bunches for the house. Right now they are 2 feet at least taller than me, and as much as I cut you would never know, they are just massed with bloom.

A true triffid is the Alamanda vine. We keep it in check, but only just. Our next door neighbour doesn't garden, so the threat of invasion from her side of the fence is relentless.

Our former veggie patch is crowded by the vines from next door. Scott will take the hedge trimmer to them soon.

Even though we are cyclists, we have a new car!

here is another angle with attractive old dog

It is prooving to be a great bike hauler, and easter weekend we will actually get a chance to sleep in it. I just love Volkswagens, and this is a beauty!

I told you it was all good!

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Bluenoser said...

That's actually painted on the rock cut just before exit 9 going south on the 103... ALL GOOD.

And that is a nice VW.