Friday, March 6, 2009

hash and the circle of life

Yes, I was cooking hash tonight. I grew up in Nova Scotia, so I learned to live frugally. We were never poor enough that the kids would notice, but we never threw away good food. Those sort of lessons run deep, and I never throw away leftovers. They reappear in stews, soups, and the best of all - hash. I could probably be a vegan, because you can eat onions and potatoes, and anything else in hash is just a bonus.

So as I was cooking I was admiring the cast iron pan I was cooking in. It probably cost about $12.00, and years of seasoning and careful use have made it priceless. It is a thing of beauty, and it never sticks. Nice even heat.

And then I was thinking about my Dad’s frying pan. He has a six inch or so fry pan that is just the best. My sisters and I were talking one day, years ago, about which item could cause a war amongst the 4 girls when our parents estate is being settled, and we all figured it was that frying pan. Seasoned to perfection over 50+ years of use, it is the perfect egg cooker. We all love it like a pet.

And that got me thinking about a new frying pan. My only son is poised to move out, and he will need one. I will buy one this weekend so we can season it and start it on its long life before he goes. It is a family tradition, like frugal left over meals.


Bluenoser said...

Huuuggggghhh!!!! Hash. -Homer Simpson.



Bluenoser said...

Wait till you get here and I'll show you my wicked ass seasoned frypan... I might even make some hash in it for you.


Elder Sister said...

Kms today: 20
Should have been 24, but I slept in etc and got a late start, and had to get off my bike, shower, put on Resortwear and get to Paradise Palms before 11.00 for brunch with darling daughter. Life is tough but I'm fit. Movie review (I cycle in airconditioned comfort, while watching a DVD)"Barrie Mackenzie Holds His Own" Holy cow! 5 ***** It does not get better than this. Written by Barry Humpfries. Featuring Aunt Edna. With English subtitles. Warning- do not attempt to watch this film with a full bladder.

Dee said...

I tried to watch a Barry Mackenzie piece years ago, and I just didn't get it. I'll have to try again now that I've been Aussiefied.

I still haven't found a proper fry pan! Will keep looking (haven't been to Mitre 10 yet). I forgot that they are not so common here.