Sunday, March 1, 2009

maiden run

My first race was a learning experience. We cycled the 12 or so kms to the race, but then much standing around ensued and I started with cold legs. They hurt from the get go, and I couldn’t hold my imagined 35 and had to settle for around 32, with the promised sprint at the end. Disappointing, but you don't always get to have your best days with an audience.

The conditions were absolutely perfect. Still and cool, not a cloud in the sky after all that rain. The flooding had just cleared near the end of the run, so the whole road was dry. I got caught and passed by 2 riders, both of whom are strong guys so I am not surprised. I didn’t catch anyone, I never even caught a glimpse of the guy who started 30 seconds ahead of me.

I was very pleased that I managed the turn without looking like too much of a gimp, and that I managed a strong sprint to finish.

The results are not up on the web yet, so I don’t know my time. It was fun though. Well, hanging around for the start was fun, the ride sucked, the finish was excellent, the coffee and debrief after was excellent. I would do it again.

 Here is the route:

URL for this route is:


Use the satellite image because the map is as inaccurate as it is boring, and shows roads that don’t even exist.


Groover said...

Great stuff.

ITTs are an art and it takes a lot of experience to be able to gauge your effort. Being perfectly warmed up is definitely an advantage. I yet have to do an ITT in which I DO NOT get overtaken by someone (maybe starting dead last is the only way to ensure that?).

I'm always nervous about U-turns in out and back ITTs, too.

Once again, great effort and well done for your very first race. Sounds like you did really well.

Bluenoser said...

Good going Dee. Not to be dumb or maybe I am but what is the distance?


Dee said...

Sorry, I left it to the map to explain. It was just 10km, plus a bit more so the turn was on the level.

Bluenoser said...

Sorry, I was on my way to work and didn't have time to look the map over which is not like me to pass up a map.