Tuesday, March 3, 2009

official time

NAME                               Start            Time           Corrected          kph
Josh Hislop            1      14.30.06    13:30.06    44.44
Tony Z                 2.3    16.00.27    13:30.27    44.43
Aaron Ross             5      19.13.95    13:43.95    43.69

Adela Edwards         15      34.16.96    19:16.96    31.12

I didn't come last!! My legs have been crap lately though, so back to the gym for me tomorrow, and I'll try again another day. Even if I just do charity events (this one donated our fees to bushfire survivors) I will try and improve. 

1 comment:

Bluenoser said...

Dee, you'll have to do the tuesday night tt on Second Peninsula when your here. 10k out and back with one small hill in the middle of the course.