Tuesday, March 31, 2009

signs of autumn

You have to be a local to notice autumn in the tropics. The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are the best times of the year everywhere, and the tropics are no exception. So I rolled out this morning feeling blah, with no intention of anything but the 15km ride into work. But the sweetness of the air was so lovely. The fresh coolness of the wind in my lungs. I knew after about a km that I was off to the dam before work, and I would have to really make an effort because I had left it late.

I had a few niggly muscles, but it is easy now to settle into the ride, and the further you go the better you feel. Muscles warm and the legs grow easy and flexible. I entered into that state of cycling which is just you, moving through space and time. I am probably vulnerable when I am cycling in the zone, I admit that. It adds time to your reaction to cars, but it suspends time on the ride. We are at risk on the road, but it is a risk I accept.

At my desk at 6 minutes past. OK, I was a bit late, but I had the day well sorted and I hit the ground running. I juggled variables and unseen difficulties all day. People with problems went away with problems solved. I was cheerful and productive. My cycling is my gift to my workplace.

bonus points- two people I talked to today about work related matters revealed (with great pride) that they had cycled to work today. 

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