Thursday, March 12, 2009


I never had much use for the word 'yearn', til I started cycling. Well, not lately. I remember yearning for a certain bloke who worked away for long periods, but I have him home now. So now I yearn to cycle. I think about it during meetings, when the mind wanders (as it does), and while I lie in bed at night. I dream of cycling, and wake up eager to get on the bike and ride. I turn into the uni at the end of my ride with sadness, not relief that the ride is done. I can't say when that happened. I used to suffer  - I still do. I had a sufferfest to the dam this morning, but the good thing about there and back rides is that a head wind out is a tail wind back, and that is what it was this morning. So I arrived at work elated, not slated. You would think 35 km to work would be enough, but I am planning a longer route.