Sunday, April 5, 2009

going off line

We had a hectic end of week with packing, moving, getting our son sort of settled into his new place. It would all have been quite enjoyable if we handn't all been sick with a cold. 

Our old fridge went to the new place, and upon arrival quit working. So we left it overnight, still nothing. Off to the stores where the careful lad chose a small and inexpensive replacement. Back home he goes - wait! The fridge is alive!! So that is some hard earned saved and at a very good time. The fridge is 15 years old, so thanks for the reprieve mate.

Now we find that the internet service, which our son set up and has paid for as rent for many years, has to go down for a week or so. They cannot transfer the account to us. It has to be disconnected and we have to order a new service. hmmm. 

So we will be in limbo at home for a week or so I expect.

we shall return.

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