Wednesday, May 13, 2009

being the bunny

I mentioned that we did a time trial on Mother's day. This was a gift to myself and I really enjoyed it. The 20km return trip along National Park and flat easy country was lovely. Map of the ride is here, be sure to turn on the satellite view and have a good look around. There was a bit of a breeze, and the road surface is really rough, so I was slow, but I do this for fun so it doesn't matter that much. 

I know racers are not supposed to drink in the views, take note of the vegetation communities and spot birds, but I did, and it added to the pleasure of the day. I went at a good pace (I probably could have done better) and sprinted like mad at the end. Bliss.

I was rider #3 and we left at 1 minute intervals. To my surprise nobody caught me til after km 13. Only 3 riders passed me, and BoaB was the 3rd, and I was just so pleased to see him go by! So I was his bunny, and he caught me. I hope it shaved a few seconds off his time. After that I lifted my game and kept him in my sights, so nobody else had a chance. Even bunnies have heart.