Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am not much of a social networker. My sister 'made' me create a facebook account so I could upload photos for my mother to see, and I would do anything to please such a fabulous Mother. Time has passed, and people have found me, but I haven't really gotten the whole facebook thing. But I took a look today and there was a dear friend (really) from high school, so I accepted her as a friend and I hope we 'talk'. Sort of neat really.

Speaking of social networking, once apon a time a couple of years ago, some people started cycling together. Bonding took place, friendships were formed, and the daft notion that a bunch of old roadies could compete in a mountain bike race took hold. We need team kit, so we became a bunch called the cycleccinos. I designed the kit to be visible from space in case we took a wrong turn in the rainforest.

We won the race, because we had some ringers, and lots of girls. I came lastish.

Time passed, and word got out that there was a nice social group ride on saturdays. And people came along, and the cycleccinos grew and grew

I swear there are people in this photo I don't even know their names, but that is OK, because we all love to cycle and we enjoy each others company. And of course there are people who have been added to the tally of good friends as well, and life is very good.

People need people. What fun to have such a community to be part of.

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Groover said...

Ah, facebook. I thought it was you when I saw the "home in australia" gallery and bluenoser's liking it. :-) Great shot of the Rainbow Lorikeet.