Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cruel winter

OK, it doesn’t look cruel, and it doesn’t feel cruel, but it has kept us all sick in turn as if it was sleeting down with an icy NW wind.

I had a cold, and am on the mend. I only had to blow my nose twice going to work this morning, and I have turned wielding a tissue while cycling into a dainty art. Now, just hours after Sunday’s 20km time trial, BoaB has been slammed by a bronchial infection that has had him in bed for two days so far. Living on soup, tea and ‘fisherman’s friends’. I may introduce a dram of hot rum into his diet tonight so he gets some sleep between coughing fits.

The weather is unseasonably damp to go with the cooling temperatures. It has drizzled a lot and been gray more than it has been sunny. No enough to make you sick though. It is odd. Nice for cycling though. I came home early from work to check on the patient (I was fretting at work, and fretting is bad) and since he was untreatably miserable I went for a 20+ ride on the bike path. Then I went and got him some more fisherman’s friends. What more can a good wife do.

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