Sunday, May 24, 2009

early race

Sometimes a shot doesn't turn out, but then you realise you like it better than if it did. Daybreak, arriving at the race venue.

A road circuit loop over a hill and with sharp corners. I think D grade did 5 circuits this morning, for a total of around 20 kms. It was cold this morning, daybreak was around 10 degrees C, which for us tropical types is pretty rough.

The sun came up as riders registered. Boab has been pretty sick, but he was keen, so I made a mega Tim Horton's mug of coffee, took a comfy chair and the paper, and prepared to hunker down in my arctic fleece for a morning of racing. But this was training day for me, they needed another timer, so I joined the Commissaries and learned a thing or two about keeping count, memorizing numbers and pressing a button and keeping track of who the button was pressed for. It isn’t all that easy ya know.

There were quiet moments though. A pair of red shouldered parrots streaked by, emerald in the soft light. Spoon bills and cormorants arrowed in to a pond. A bull grunted at us from the paddock behind, while poddy calfs kicked up their heels in the first excitement of the day. A big ore train went by, it’s dual engines loud with effort, but so long that the final cars, distant from the power at the front, whispered and squeeked past us. 

We had to radio a warning to be passed onto the riders when a mob of around 8 big eastern gray kangaroos appeared at the top of the hill and settled on the road. One was really big, well over 6 feet, and at first we though people had gathered to watch the race. A truck went to the hill to scare them off, and they bounded away, in that most lovely of Australian ballets.

The races went well. BoaB was third in D this week (hacked up a lung for a few minutes after) and everyone got round safe, had fun, enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie of the race.

What a lucky life. 


Bluenoser said...

I hope you figure out the keeping track thing because as a mapmaker if you can't how the hell will we know where we are going?


Dee said...

I am good at when and where, it is the who that is difficult. I am a pretty skilled multi-tasker though.