Friday, May 22, 2009

hooning around

I haven't been on top of my game lately. The lurgy, a bit dizzy sometimes as I ride, no legs. So when I rode out to support some other riders today, I was a bit meh. A call went out to join the cyclists of the Great Australian Bike Ride from Civic Theatre 2:30pm. Mind you, the call went out Wednesday, so I spammed all my lists (BUGs, cycling friends) and then I felt obliged to go, since I was the spammer.

I rolled up and the numbers were few, but then the group arrived, and some local riders had joined them about 20 kms out, so they were a good bunch. There was much standing around, then some small laps for the photographers. The Red Bull girls arrived and we all got a free caffeine laden beverage. More standing around, then we all got to ride to a part of the just completed V8 super car track. Ours were the first wheels to ride it. 
They have altered this section so it can be used for criterion after the race.  They closed the loop where the arrow is pointing. The group wheeled around in a sedate manner, but I was itching to give it a go – blame the red bull but I was feeling better than I have in ages. 3 or 4 laps and most people were pulling over. A mate looked over at me, and I looked at him, There was just us and it was game on!!
We had a good scald up the straight. Adrian can leave me for dead, but he stayed beside me and we rolled up to 42 so easy, I figure 50 was very doable.  We had to show a bit of care because they didn’t clean the track carefully, and there were some rocks and gravel patches. When we race on that sucker, it is going to be awesome. I wasn't keen on the V8s, well I am still not keen, but this little track is fantastic!


Bluenoser said...

I would expect nothing less than 50 from a Dingle Girl™.


Groover said...

I love racing race tracks. We've got 'Lakeside' here in Brisbane and it's my favourite venue!

Dee said...

Gosh, I may have to take that trade marked 'Dingle Girl' and run with it...