Monday, May 18, 2009

skills training

I fronted up at a mountain biking clinc yesterday with a bad attitude. I had ridden the 19kms to the dam on the Myka, and it is such a tractor! I was sick of it already. But we rode in to the quarry for the clinc and as the morning wore on I came to appreciate some of the sterling qualities, and possibilities, of that bike. 

I still can't trackstand, even with those huge tires, but meh. I can now imagine getting over smallish logs, since I have managed to do it a few times. The dual suspension does a good job of keeping your teeth from rattling as you go over. I may survive a bit of single track now that I have learned where to focus and to trust the bike to follow the path. I will probably never master getting down steep and knarly bits (or up them either) but walking gives one the chance to admire the vegetation.

While not everyone needs hours of cycling in circles on grass, I sure did. I am a roadie who needs to train my brain that you CAN cycle through grass, and over (not around) a hole. I had to learn to believe that your bike won't just halt if you hit a dirt stretch, or a bit of sand, or a smallish log, or rocks. The instructors were excellent, and we learned heaps.

I am now looking forward to planning some rides off the pavement. Probably just on dirt roads, not single track, but that still opens up a world of possibilities. And I am going to try and ride the mountain bike at least once a week. It is good training and uses your upper body more.

In a couple weeks I'll be cheering on some mates who will be doing the Hot Rocks 8 hours out there at the dam. It will great to see them have a go, and I'll be there with extra candy snakes to help them grasp a bit of energy on the way through.  I'll remain a roadie I guess, but if I ever gain enough skill, I may give mtn bike racing a go.

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