Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It was just one of those days. I figure if I had raced I'd have been in with a chance. I had such a strong ride this morning, held 30+ easy as pie. did a bit extra, sadly didn't leave time for the dam, but a great, strong ride. I flew up the single hill on my commute like Superman (well, Superwoman) and had a big grin for the whole ride. 

I had a good/disasterous day at work. I am a bit well utilized, and a few cracks are showing. I organized a meeting for noon, realized I had a lecture at noon, organized a chair for the meeting, had someone face my office at 10 to inform me the lecture was at 10, dumped last years lecture on a memory stick, went to the seminar room and rocked their socks. Well I do know my stuff...

I don't think I could laugh through lifes speed bumps if I didn't ride. It all came good, but the day was full on. And when I rode home I started sore and rough, but 10 kms or so in and the flow was sweet, so  I went an extra 10+ kms, and I'll tell you, if I didn't have so much to go home to, I'd have done a lot more.


Bluenoser said...

We are going to talk maps when you visit. And you're who's counting is pretty humbling.


Dee said...

Actually, I am way behind my goal of 1000/month. I may take a wee holiday and do some big days.

My secret weapon is the daily commute, you need to get a job in Halifax ; )