Monday, May 4, 2009

too nice

It was so nice today that after my short blog, a sandwich and piece of pumpkin pie, we decided to hit the road again. Managed a 100km+ day, which is always a bonus. And because I was looking at 50k_loop while I had my sandwhich, I was shamed into remembering the camera for once. I promise to do better now that the drenchingly sweaty riding season has passed.

So here is BoaB heading past the dam on a damn fine day. We never even broke a sweat, but when I checked the weatherzone just now I note it is now 28 degrees, 51% humidity. This is cool and dry to us. We headed out at 7am this morning, rode to the Strand for coffee, then to Pallarenda for the thrill of a tailwind out (it was a bugger coming back!), then home for a break and out the door at NOON for a roll to the dam. This would be utter madness in summer. 

Here is also the promised sneak preview of the new kit. We will have a mega photoshoot on the Strand next Saturday. Juliette's is our favorite coffee shop and a major sponsor of the kit.

Here is me in my favorite red knicks (I like them so much I have ordered another pair). Yes we saw a kangaroo a bit further down the road, so the sign was correct.

And then we went home again for a 102.33 km total, and our presence was most welcomed by this guy

Being an only dog means you are very highly valued, and the rules of furniture etiquette no longer apply to you. Nor should they.


Ant said...

As the song goes - dogs are the best people.

Dog + doona = happy dog, happier person!

Dee said...

You know winter is in the air when the dog begs to get under the doona! And of course he is allowed.