Wednesday, June 17, 2009

getting moving in the morning

I had to hang around the house this morning so I could go to a 9:30 appointment at the Post Office for my passport renewal. I can't tell you how nice it was to contemplate rolling out with the sun warm on my back. While I was drinking that second coffee and reading the news, my brother in law skyped from Ottawa. The usual exchange of weather conditions ensued, and it turns out our weather is pretty much identical (12 in the morning warming to around 28) except I am too cold and he is too hot! What a laugh, it is all relative I suppose.

Boab just got his long thermal knicks is the mail, I have some coming from a different source. (Team Estrogen is wonderful if you are tired of mens x-smalls that are huge!). I don't know how often we will wear them, but they will sure be nice when needed.

Looking forward to another century this weekend (metric of course!). While the weather is perfect it would be a crime not to ride as much as we can.

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