Monday, June 22, 2009


Had a top day. After a rest day Sunday I had a good roll to work, about 22 kms. Watched/listened to the live coverage of the Nevada City Classic. It was excellent, nothing like local cable for colour and flavour. Note the usual programming on the left, City Council Meeting. Apologies that I don't know how to make it so you click and get a bigger image.
While I edited about 20 expiring web pages, sorted out finances (I was hired to do cartography, but it is more efficient for me to do my financials than have a finance officer do it - apparently) I followed the race. The commentators were excited. The crowd cheered, and Lance came through with a decisive victory. Most excellent.

The day was grey and humid, and when I closed up shop and kitted up for home it was the nicest conditions. I have been a bit blah lately, but as soon as I touched my bike my heart started to pound. That old excitement. I took off, hammered up the hill and decided to go for the dam before home. Tail wind helping me along, I held 34 to 36 the whole way. I turned short of the dam, because I have a lot waiting for me at home. The headwind held me back a bit, but I gave a big effort and got home sweaty and elated.

My groove back. Hope it stays around.

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