Monday, June 29, 2009

how we spent show day

Today is the Townsville Show Day holiday- the equivalent of giving everybody in Windsor a day off when the Hants County Exhibition is on. Now having gone to one of the best agricultural shows in North America many, many times - I do find the Townsville Show a bit lame. It isn't agricultural enough for me, so I give it a miss.

That means we have a day to just do what we like. So this morning we slept in til past 7am (this is a seriously late start) got up, had two cups of coffee and read the online papers, blogged. I updated my "who's counting" and realised I was close enough to 1000 km for the month to nail it with one good ride, so kit up and out the door. 63 kms later and we have had a bit too much sun, a good coffee (we drink Nescafe at home, I actually like it) and I have rolled up a good month. Bliss.

Now I think I'll mill up those organic chick peas I have soaking in the fridge and make a mess of falafal, and maybe some pita bread from scratch. Labour intensive cooking is a great way to enjoy a day off too, and we have earned the carbs!

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