Monday, June 8, 2009

long weekend

It was the Queens Birthday weekend. I don’t know when Liz actually has a birthday, but I suspect it isn’t this weekend. It was also the north Queensland Road Championship weekend, so we have had a big cycling schedule.

I haven’t been on my bike all weekend, which is very weird, but will probably do me good. Up and gone before daybreak every day, I have timed and noted and stood on corners for a lot of hours, starved half to death ( I eat a LOT) and drunk a gallon of Nescafe – thanks to the mother of all Tim Horton’s insulated mugs.

So – winter race season in north Queensland. I will not bore you with the perfect weather, the ideal riding temperatures. Here are the Galahs looking on. Note the perfect blue sky.

Here comes my mate Adrian, he has climbed the range (about 400m over 4kms) , and is about 24 kms along a total of 60kms of road race. Looking good!

Notice the lovely mist on the mountains all around. It was about 23 C and a very soft breeze. Lovely.
I missed getting Scotty coming at me. He started from here, and I was still driving a friends Ute to the top of the range so he would have a change of wheels available if needed. But here he comes up the home stretch

Trust me, that is him. Then I have a shot of road, but no Scott:

Doh! Stupid camera. Here he is relieved to be finished:

Nothing worse than days of time trial, but until he comes back from the Bronchitis that is what racing is. The most admirable racers are the ones who tough it out alone.

But winners are grinners. Congrats to Adrian and Tony, who medaled. It is great to see friends contesting the titles, and winning. Scott started it all, so he wins in spirit. Love ya babe!

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Groover said...

That's great of you to volunteer and help out marshalling.