Monday, June 29, 2009

of bike trails and bells

I read the link from Bluenoser about multi-use trails and the conflict that arises. It was delightfully low key and made some good points. Very Canadian, eh.

I agree that cyclists need to be educated to ring a bell or call out, just as walkers need to be educated to try and stay to one side and to respond to a ringing bell by clearing the 'passing' side of the trail by stepping to one side. The same side every time please! Sadly lots of walkers 'startle' at the sound of the bell and choose to step across the trail. I haven't hit anyone yet, but odds are it will happen if conditions are crowded enough and behaviour is unpredictable enough.

Sad to see ATVs are allowed on the trails in NS. I guess this is what has led to the imposition of a 20kmh speed limit! What a shame for cyclists who are trying to build some fitness. Hope they never cap the speed here, it would kill off commuting for sure.

They recently banned motorised bikes and scooters here (electric powered is still OK) but I can't say I was ever bothered by them. Universally home made gadgets, you could hear them coming for miles, and they didn't go any faster than I go. Usually ridden by grinning young men who had cobbled them together out of old lawnmowers or something, I thought they must be very educational. But now they are gone and I suppose the purse lipped crowd will be looking for someting new to ban and control, like speedy commuters. *sigh*

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