Sunday, July 19, 2009

cross training

This weekend has seen little by way of cycling. One fast trip to the dam was it. It was 7 degrees Saturday, and knowing it was going to be that cold I wasn't even planning to get out of bed and on the road by 5:30 am. So instead I slept in, had a couple of coffees and some breakfast, and wandered out into the warmth of a sunny patch of the yard.

Standing around your yard on a cold morning with a hot coffee will eventually consume your day. Everywhere I looked there was pruning to be done, weed patches, overgrowth. So I went in the house, put on some gardening clothes, called for a skip and got stuck into it.

I pruned 9 foot hibiscus to waist high (on me that isn't very big). I tore out the tibouchina, well, I pruned it ankle high. It spilt in two one night last year and has looked a wreck ever since. There is nothing more empowering than tackling an overgrown, post wet season tropical garden with a big bypass pruner. If I use one arm of the pruner against my hip and two hands on the other, I can cut through about 2.5 inch caliper branches.

BoaB, observing all this activity, tackled the dense thicket of ferns and sansivaria that used to be a garden and cleaned it right out. Wheelbarrow loads into the skip. Then we picked up all the palm fronds (enough to thatch a good sized beach hut). Sawed off infloresences from palms. This will spare us dealing with the fruit and seedlings. After the wet season they are huge, and came crashing down with crushing force. Some bromeliads may have been bruised. I could barely lift them up to get them to the skip.

Today there was more pruning, cleaning up, weeding. My shoulders and arms ache. My yard is looking a lot better. I have reconnected with the garden. I am excited about planting out, arranging pots. Deeply at peace.

There is more to life than just cycling. Winter is letting me enjoy that bigger world.

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