Thursday, July 2, 2009

Indian summer

The TV weatherman just referred to our current weather as Indian summer. Now there is a term I haven't heard in a long time, and didn't really expect to hear in the tropics. But it has been warm and lovely, and even though I just pinched this image from the web, this is just how sunset looked this evening. Of course you only get to see sunset at the beach here if you live on the western side of Magnetic Island, but I digress.

The weather has been perfect all week. 14 C minimums (I do think that is chilly!) and 28 C max. I personally think 28 is exactly perfect. The citrus is in bloom, and sitting here with the French doors opened wide I can smell the sweet scent of the Tahitian lime. The breeze is cool, but soft.

It will all change tomorrow. The influence has been from the north (why didn’t I get a job in Darwin?) but tomorrow a cool change will switch the wind direction around and the arctic southerlies will dominate. Lucky for me I work a 4 week cycle that gives me every 4th Friday off. I work that day anyway, because I sit a lot of committees and have to be away from the office, and I figure it is fair to trade that against my day off, but not totally. Before the blast of cold arrives I will have a warm run and get to the office a bit later, but with a lot more kms on the bike.

8 C Saturday morning! Time to break out those fleecy Louis Garnault tights!

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Bluenoser said...

Wouldn't that be Aboriginal Summer? ;-)