Thursday, July 16, 2009

nifty fifty

Well I turned 50 on Tuesday, and so far nothing has fallen off. If you are in Townsville DO NOT eat at the Watermark, it used to be really good but that chef has obviously shot through. It was very ordinary, if they were on masterchef they'd have been sent home

And for Ant - noooo! not Justine! I'll miss tonights elimination as I am going to a burlesque show. I really don't know if I am old enough to go to a burlesque, but I guess at 50 nobody will ask for an ID. I am a bit of an innocent though, may be a bit educational.

Winter has returned with strong cold south west winds. It is really hard to get moving in the morning. I actually gave it a miss on Wednesday and took my birthday bouquet to work on the bus instead. It is very floral in my office, the lillies are over the top! But it is cheery to have the flowers right there all day and I am getting good value having them on my desk.

I would now like to make an announcement. Today I FINISHED working on the maps of the vegetation of the Wet Tropics bioregion. All done. All 54 sheets. Finished. Only took two years. If Ant has time on his hands he can see me present a paper about the project at the SSI (now SSSI - don't ask, I am too annoyed) conference in Adelaide the end of September.

Now hopefully I will have time to actually write that paper!


Ant said...

Happy bday to you, happy bday to you!

Have a great night at the Burleseque, congrats on the anniversary of your fortentious birth, and double congratulations on the completion of the maps!

Me - I'm struggling to complete a TAFE assignment at the moment.

Adelaide may well be an option, I've been looking forward to going back to visit for a while, plenty of people to see, and 'educational purposes' sounds like just the excuse I need.

Bluenoser said...

Sorry I missed that. Happy Birthday to you!!