Saturday, July 11, 2009

on the road again

An unexpected side effect of the hypergalatic V8 supercar circus was that by around noon today, there was hardly a car on the road. In a city of 150,000, almost half that number went to the races, and the rest stayed home for a nap or something.

I was at the LBS wirh BoaB getting the bad news on repairs (but we are very well insured) and we had the place to ourselves, which we commented on with surprise. Then we looked out at the busy main street where the shop in located and it was deserted. I was supposed to do a few errands with BoaB, but the desire to ride won out. He took me home, I kitted up, wolfed a small repast and took off to the dam. He went to buy me potting mix (I get through about a thousand litres of potting mix a year, I swear) and find an o-ring for the bore pump. I got home first and was hanging laundry when he returned.

"That was quick". Yes, you are married to superwoman. It was a rare day with a tail wind most of the way to the dam, and a fitful changing wind on the way back, so I held 33-36 both ways. So I had a pretty good day at over 70kms all up. Now before you feel impressed, as soon as I came home and had a snack I fell over and had a nap, and spent the whole day in a stupor.

I sure would like to be fit enough to ride and stay awake! I manage it at work, but at home I am hopeless!

If I put off vaccuuming for one more day I will be able to claim we have a shag carpet, where we used to have hardwood floors...

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