Friday, July 10, 2009

the V8s

Yes, we have the V8 stupid cars in town this weekend. I have nothing against racing at all, but I have yet to be convinced it was worth 25million of taxpayer money. If they let us race criterion on the track all will be forgiven though.

So the streets are clogged with excited muscle car fans, and I have vowed to stay on the bikeway until they all go home again. This weekend is looking like Fatty's 100 miles of nowhere, but on a larger circuit. Since BoaB got knocked off his bike yesterday, it looks like it will just be me and my Ipod. You have to wonder if the woman who ran into him was in a thrall, thinking about race cars. Who knows. He is doing OK, in a scraped up, sore and stiff sort of way.

I haven't blogged much lately, and you can blame these folks.
I know you were expecting me to blame these folks:

But the truth is I like doing cycling more than I like watching it, and the show masterchef has me in a thrall. I do love to cook, and I spent great swathes of my career in food service, filling in the gaps between contracts back in good old NS. So I relate to the chefs and I enjoy seeing what they produce under pressure.

So this is a quick catch up to say sorry! But I hope I don't have any news over the weekend, what with the V8 fans and all... I noticed the entry rail to the bike way at the end of the next street was a twisted wreck on the way home...


Ant said...

So - who are you cheering for?

Go Justine! (just quietly)

Dee said...

I think she is the most deserving. What was Chris thinking when he served a very ordinary pub lunch to Australia's most famous foodies!

Sorry all you non Aussies! Just google masterchef Australia, all the episodes are online.

hmm... what will I cook for dinner...