Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what you are used to

My sister called me at work today. She is just back from the old country and wanted to say hi. I had just showered, and was checking my email while putting a lecture on a memory stick and wolfing down a PB-jam sanger. I had about six minutes to catch up. And so the day went, frenetic.

My sister amused me by being surprised that she ended up wearing our Canadian sisters winter clothes the whole time she was in NS. "I thought July would be hot" she said. Well it is, compared to Canadian winter! By tropical North Queensland standards it is winter. This is the time of year our weather is the same, except we are freezing and they are hot. So look for me in a few weeks on the Loop. I'll be the one in the arm warmers at noon.

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Bluenoser said...

Will they be Merino Wool?