Monday, August 31, 2009

coming home - really

A few pictures of Dresden adventures. I forgot to download the latest last night, and now my camera is packed away, so maybe a few more later. But in the meantime, I have walked a hundred kms around the city, including for confrence workshops. So I have eaten a ton and I feel like the Michelin Man.But the city is stunning, between the conference overload and the city beauty overload I am fairly knackered and looking forward to vegging out all the way home. Unfortunately I have to write a conference report for the organiser, who caught me clutching a restorative beverage at the conference dinner and asked me if I would do it, and I foolishly responded "no worries!"
The day after the conference I managed to get in a ride on one of these babies!
You are supposed to rent them to look around the city, but I managed to persuade my native guide to explore farther afield, and we ended up doing around 45kms on them! My butt is in better shape than I expected, they are slow but surprisingly comfortable!

We had to return them to the city of course, so I got in a last coffee and cake near the zwinger.

I am on my way. Now that I am back in Frankfurt I can actually get t-mobile coverage. Warning, if you plan to actually leave the airport in Frankfurt and move around the countryside, DO NOT pay T-mobile for internet. I have been huddling on streetcorners, hugging phone booths, doing anything I could to fire off the odd email and skype my family. It has been poor at best.

But now I am on my way at last. I can't wait to get home.

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