Thursday, August 6, 2009

listening to my wheels

My ride home this arvo will be my last time on my bike for ages. I hit out hard because I am grieving a bit already. Usually I wear an ipod (yeh I know all the reasons why this will spell my doom) but not today. I wanted to listen to my wheels. To hear the sweet sound those Mavic Ksyriums make under pressure. It is a hum and a whisper that cuts through the wind noise and speaks to you. It makes your heart beat faster, it makes you feel lithe and powerful. A symphony for strength.

25 days til I ride my bike again. The only things I will miss worse are my boys. *sigh*.

Looking forward to the 50k loop though, even if it is on a rental. I have my own pedals and shoes, my gloves and helmet. It will be the highlight of the trip I expect.

So onwards to Brisbane, Auckland and Vancouver tomorrow, Halifax on Wednesday. Eastwards HO!

Great circle route map courtesy 'Great Circle Mapper'. If they have a trainer set up on the plane and I pedal the whole way can I claim that mileage?

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