Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on to Dresden

Sunday we all sleep in a bit, and have a nice breakfast, just hang around. We are catching the train to Dresden around midday. We go to the train station a bit early, have a good coffee and watch the trains. Thay are all sleek and fast looking. Ours comes and it fills up but we have reserved seats with a table. We have brought a cut lunch and fruit, so we settle in and watch the countryside streak by. Green as. Very cool community garden areas, complete with weekend sheds done up like Canadian summer cottages, but between veggie patches instead of by the lake.

The architecture changes from village to village as we head east. The train flies, we briefly hit 200 kms/hr. Then we come to Dresden.

Lovely. A short tram ride to the hotel. No internet access. So we walk out to find dinner at a well known place from my guides student days. We eat way too much and so we walk and enjoy the city lights.

Some more time to explore tomorrow before conference registration, I expect my shoes will get a workout.


Groover said...

Oh, you were only 60 km away from the place I was born ... I love Dresden.

Dee said...

I loved Dresden too. Imagine a place so antique and so newly built, it is amazing. Everyone should go there and have a good think about the madness of war.