Wednesday, August 26, 2009

onwards and upwards

Thursday is hot and hazy. My sister and I walk the dog, eat, she packs and I repack. I have split into two suitcases, so I can just take a small one to Dresdan, leave the biggie in Frankfurt at a friends apartment. A last phone call from my mother, I am comforted that she sounds the same as when I am in Townsville. I must call her more often.

We go to the airport, we are flying to Frankfurt together, she will go on to Helsinki. I am getting picked up by a friend, then working all day. It is companionable to fly with my sister. We doze, but don't really sleep. Then we arrive and must say goodbye, but we know we will talk often on skype.

I spend the day at Jeppensen, where I learn about three days worth of really interesting things in one jet lagged, long day. I will need to distill for awhile. At least I can correspond if I missed anything. The area in really nice, and my friend lives nearby in a fantastic 60s housing development that still oozes that modern astetic, but has matured with big trees softening the angularity and uniformity of the construction. I love it.

The next day is Saturday, and we go for a walk in the woods, a circuit that takes us about 40 minutes at a good pace. It is lovely. There are so many paths that you don't see a lot of other people, but there were probably a lot. All the cyclists are helmetless, on upright "shopping bikes" as I call mine, and my age or much older. People just going places on bicycles, not cycling. That is the shift we haven't made yet. I am glad it will be easy for those of us who cycle already!

We then go into Frankfurt by bus. Job one, I need new shoes, mine have completely let go. I find a good pair in the first store we look in, then we are off to explore. We went everywhere, to the markets, a museum of applied art, a fabulous mall, a roof top beach, back and forth over bridges, past reconstructed history and uber modern design. We had proper German food, a lot of cider, and we walked and walked, especially since we stayed out late enough to miss the frequent bus times. When we got home I was exhausted, we had been on the move for well over 12 hours. The new shoes are good though.

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