Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vancouver with clear skies

Things are looking promising on the return ferry trip to Vancouver. I got to the hotel, got organised, and headed out by bus to the city to go to the Geologic survey office (I couldn't help myself). Then because it is light til late, I hit the streets.

Look! There are mountains just like they said!

Canada Place, is this a hang over from an Expo? Feels like it.

Very cityish, it is a big place. More beggers per sq. mile than any place I have very visited. I always thought Canada was a fairly socialist place, and it surprised me. I was going to have a hot dog for supper, but the beggars near the cart were so strident I was scared off. Now I feel bad I didn't buy them a hot dog. So I kept walking and admired the separated bike/walk infrastructure along the seawall. It was really busy with cyclists, and great to see a place that appreciates that cyclists and pedestrians are different, and need a different pace. I finally found a hot dog vendor, but I wasn't hungry enough for their product. I was grateful to find a maccas down the road.

So how does Vancouver rate? I couldn't live there. I spent a fair time walking and on public transport and I was threatened, re-routed (a pipe bomb scare) and weirded out by junkies and violent drunks. I like public transport too much to give it up.

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