Saturday, August 15, 2009


I like Victoria, I would come back to the Island for a proper holiday sometime instead of just a working visit.
See, I am not bludging, I really did work all day and it was very interesting, I have a lot to digest and notes to organise and plans to make. I'll be doing some things differently because of what I learned here. I am figuring out that the people are the basis of the system, and everything else needs to work around them. Radical stuff.
After work I headed out into an exotic cold rain and had a look around. This is a city on a scale I can understand. Lots of bikes, but hair raising infrastructure (or the lack thereof). I was amazed how people would move through traffic. Nice architecture though, love the paint job.
Look, two of my favorite things! Globes and water features... I want one.

I wouldn't mind having a China Town (or an Indonesian, Malay, Indian etc Town) in Townsville. With a name like Townsville maybe we should start collecting them.

A pretty cool place. I think I see a cycling adventure avec rented camper in our future BoaB.

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