Monday, September 28, 2009

big weekend

It was a huge weekend, revolving around a party which revolved around the airshow. No wonder I was dizzy the next day. Or is could have been from taking photos like this. What a strange and unexpected result!
We had an awesome seat for the show in this lovely location:

This is Townsville's old hospital, and since our son lives here:

ie: the sold sign directly across, at the same level, we got to go to a mega party and BBQ (there are always sausages) with the developer and all the other residents and hangers on. Actually, we started in the Penthouse of our son's building,

which was excellent, but the old hospital was even better. There was much merriment and we pooled our champagne into an ocean it seemed!

Things grew a bit blurry at the end of the evening, then we cycled home! T'was a great night out. We did penance the next day, Boab painted (still!) and I put in a new garden, which has left me pretty much a cripple from all the bending and digging, but at least I didn't have to paint!

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