Sunday, September 6, 2009

fun run

The team time trial was great fun. The morning was lovely and still, we had a cheeky red winged parrot to amuse us as he enjoyed some seeds from the top of the fence in front of the car. I have never gotten such a good look at one of these birds in the wild before, it made my day.
As usual I didn't have my camera so here is a reasonable fascimilie

Then we did a warm up training session. I had never done a proper rotational ride, so a few kms of practice and we were ready to start. 20km 'there and back', finishing in a group. We did 36 minutes, which is pretty slow since I am out of condition from travelling and a friend hasn't been training at all. But we had a blast and will celebrate at the BBQ to mark the end of the race season this evening.

Now I have to get in shape for next year! Can't wait to start training tomorrow.


Bluenoser said...

The Townsville jersey will be making it's debut on the LeHave Bakery Run this morning Dee. Thanks again. I hope it takes mud well I'll have it on for cyclocross this season.


Bluenoser said...

Update. The jersey was a smash hit. Actually fit well and I looked like the Prince of NS.

Pic to follow as soon as Tom R sends it to me.


Dee said...

Glad to hear it fit well! It is such fun to give out some club kit and see it used so far away. Hope you had a fun race. Scott and I had great fun in the team time trial. He was a bit challenged by cycling down to my pace! I did a ride this morning and will be trying to lift my game. Any pointers for training much appreciated.