Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Modern miracles

My mother skyped me today while I was at work. I was flailing away writing a paper I have to deliver in Adelaide in a couple of weeks, and up popped the little message to say she was online. Next thing I know the ‘phone’ is ringing and my headphones and microphone are on the shelf, so I scramble to plug in and hit the button. And there she is. 80 years old and with the video on, nice smooth connection, clear sound. I was just chuffed (that is Australian for really pleased indeed) to see and talk to her.

Groover can probably appreciate more than most what it means to connect so easily with loved ones so far away. It just means the world to me. Thanks Mom for being such a switched on geek.

I would also like to thank my Mother for being such an extraordinary role model. In the days when women were home makers she was working beside my Dad to fashion a fast food empire. And thanks for taking me to conferences when I was small. To this day I feel at home in a conference venue, and I present with great confidence because of this grounding. Thanks for not having an opinion about Cartography (and who could have blamed you if you did). Thanks for being so beautiful, all my friends were jealous.

My Mom reads my blog, so here’s to you. I am just so pleased to be your daughter.


Bluenoser said...

That's so cool. You just don't know.


Dee said...

I'm pretty lucky in all the ways that matter I reckon.