Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OK, after actually BUYING the Townsville Bulletin, hours of imbibing red wine and lots of pencil work, here are the cycling results of people I know from the Corporate Tri:

Ladies Corporate

winning team!: Jenny Zumaran (swim), Karina Cullen (cycle) 26:28

Ranetta Eastmant (cycle) 30:06

Kim Malpas (cycle) 31:34

Male Corporate

winning team!: Alan Jefferson (cycle): 23:05

Peter Murphy (cycle): 25:41

Steve Dent (cycle): 24.40

Bradley Roots (cycle):25:25

Mark Renault (cycle): 23:55

Jim Flaherty (cycle): 26:17

Mixed Corporate

Mark O’Callaghan (cycle): 24:34

Stuart Kininmonth (cycle): 26:43

Tim Kesteven (swim): 10.01

Pam Jenen (cycle): 29:37

John McEvoy-Bowe(cycle):26:33

Byron Tucker (cycle): 24:05

Non_corporate female

Haley Grant (cycle): 24:44

Viv Evans (cycle): 27:34

Coral Grant (swim): 10:17

Sharen Adams (cycle): 28:00

Lyn Withey (run) 24:16

Non-Corporate Male

Tony Lewis (cycle) : 23:47

Jimmy Furnell (cycle):25:30

Darren Spina (cycle): 25:52

see you all at coffee on Saturday!!

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