Monday, September 21, 2009

this sporting nation

I am not much of an athlete, more of an athletic supporter (thanks to Stave Martin for the turn of phrase), but we have stories to tell as well.

Saturday saw BoaB and me on the Strand at 1pm to help with a high level race called the Nick Gates Classic. Google it and I am sure all will be explained. Anyway, there was a desperate call for volunteers and there we were, ready to stand on a corner or direct crowds or whatever, this is what races rely on. When we arrived the organizer told me, keep an eye on the parked cars. They were still clearing the street and needed to put a witches hat in each space as it was vacated so that cars were moved on. “No worries” says I .

So we are all standing around chatting and I see a car backing out. I grab a witches hat and put it in the space as they leave and return to the shady verge to continue the conversation. Imagine my surprise when a blond female of the glossy persuasion swoops into the space and flattens my witches hat! I am not a shy or retiring person, and I have a daily cycle commuters inherent dislike of delicate females in big 4X4s, so I approached the woman to instruct her regarding the error of her ways.

Well, Nick Gates his good self swoops upon me to chastise me that this person is his Wife. He than continues to berate me that the organization of his race is not up to scratch and that I am NOT DOING ANYTHING USEFUL. I explained that I didn’t care if this woman was Queen Mary, she has just crushed my witches hat, and anyway, I WAS a kind volunteer come to help out, but that the mood had left me and I was going home to do something useful with my weekend. Git.

So I missed the race but it was a fiction anyway with the local talent yielding to the big name. Blah.

On the bright side the 2009 Qld State Time Trial Champs (masters) were held “down South” in the generic south east corner of the State. I am thrilled to report that thanks to the jamin files we have seen some great results and pictures of the race. Sue Able, Tony Zanchetta and Les Preston from Townville all medaled in the event. Sue called today and let us know that Groover came over to introduce herself and wish them well, and that is just lovely. They all trained so hard and to see two golds and a silver come home is awesome. Well done!

Sunday was the TP Human Capital Corporate Triathlon on the Strand, and I swear Boab and me were about the only people we know not on a team (there were over 1000 in the event). So we went to cheer everyone on and it was just excellent. All our mates finished well and it was a fun day for all. I’ll be staying around next year to organize a big team from the Uni!

Oh, and I spent many happy hours vacuuming and sweeping my house and gardens. Like a strange archeological dig with no results. My knees and calves are killing me from duckwalking for ages as I cleaned up paint bits. About the only time it doesn’t hurt is when I am cycling!!


Ant said...

And I trust you told Nick Gates where to insert said witches hat? I really, really hope so.

Dee said...

No, I believe that virtue is victory. I just told him that one thing you can never get away with in life is abusing your volunteers, then I walked off. I sincerely hoped he would be forced to place his lovely wife on the crosswalk this old gal was going to be guarding! Doubt he did though.

Bluenoser said...

Having now met you... That is the second funniest story I've ever read.


Bluenoser said...

And right after my Driving While Greezer post....

Too Good.