Saturday, September 12, 2009

thoughts while cycling

I have cycled a lot this week. I did indeed break the 400km barrier. And I have had some welcome time for reflection. I don't know what motivates some people to get up at 4:30 to cycle 4 hours before they go to the office. I can tell you what motivates me. I need to move. With the effort and repetition of cycling I can enter a zone of awareness that clarifies all the big issues in my work. I write text, sort out difficult analysis of data, sort my day ahead. And I veg – I listen to music and just make a big physical effort. Me time.

So this is the plan. I will do a training run a few days a week with BoaB, because this pushes my boundaries. I will concentrate on holding a wheel, because this is very hard for me, but there is no point in getting my license to race if I can’t master this. I will do hill work and deal with my pathological fear of climbing. I will climb on my bike every day and go with the flow. My body, my muscles, they know what to do, and I will listen.

I promise to take off one day every week.


Bluenoser said...

I read something this week that hit me between the eyes Dee. It was so simple. All it said was that the biggest problem to mankind was that we were not moving... that we as humans were made to move.


Dee said...

You are spot on with that.