Friday, October 30, 2009

having discipline

There was a time when having discipline, for me, meant digging deep and finding the heart to get on my bike. The last couple of weeks I have had a nagging lurgy of nausea and a cough which gets more 'productive' (meaning phlegmy) day by day. But I kept cycling, kept trying to get the miles, kept trying to keep the speed up. So I just haven't gotten better. My doctor (I had a basic maintenance appointment on Tuesday) backed this up, he reminded me that I had promised I wouldn't ride sick, yet here I was, kitted up in his office between rides.

Still in denial I left the surgery and went to the V8 track to train. Then reality bit hard. I couldn't hit 40km/hr, my breathing was ragged and I felt sick. After half a dozen turns I was in an unhealthy sweat so I went home and I have taken it easy ever since. No more than 30 kms a day commuting, and today I only did 15 (if you take the shortest way in you can do it in 12).

I am pining for a long ride, desperate for a hard effort, but willing to give my body a chance to get well. I take heart from Groovers excellent recovery from glandular fever. Why compared to that I am not even sick! Coffee run tomorrow: 5:30 am, I would have to be dead to miss that!


Bluenoser said...


I'm going to throw this out to you and BoaB from somebody from away... but you people downunder don't know when to let up.

Frig. You are always fu..ked up health wise because you ride and race like 10 gazillian miles a year because it never snows to tell you to stop.

Just saying.


BoaB said...

It's OK B, it started to rain today and Dee won't cycle in the rain (much)....

Dee said...

Indeed, I had a soft run to the coffee shop today and am now baking banana cakes (still!) and anticipating a nap. Nothing like a rainy day to make you relax. Feeling better already.

Bluenoser said...

That's better. ;-)