Sunday, October 4, 2009

hoonin' around

It was hot today. Really hot. After leaving Adelaide in the pre-dawn at 7 degrees C it was a shocker to land in Townsville at noon yesterday to hit 34. I was wearing wool, and compression tights (flying really knocks my leg muscles around) and jeans! I got home and put on a cotton dress and did 'light duties', my ambition to ride completely gone.
So this morning we rolled out at a "slept in" hour (around 7am) and went to the coffee shop for a fix, then doodled home. I had a BUG related meeting about a stalled bike way at 9, chores to do, and my first road race as a criterion around a section of the V8 track starting at 4pm.

As the day wore on it got hot, then hotter, up to 36 at one point. I went to change into my kit and I was covered in a rash. Should I race? I felt fine, yes I should at least ride to the track and then see.
The ride was into a full headwind, but a bit cooler as it was onshore, had turned from the baking westerlies. So we stumped up my Novicover fees and a good bunch (including an attentive BoaB) rolled out in a combined novice/D grade roll. It was more of a training run than a race. Lots of conversation and advice, practice laying into the turns, I got so confident I pedaled too soon through a corner and scraped my pedal - eeek!

It wasn't a real race but I went hard and I don't think I got lapped, so I am happy.

During the A-grade race Josh flatted and I gave him my rear wheel, and it was a thrill to see it wound up to speeds it hasn't experienced ever! I think he just pipped first, but I won't know for sure til the results are posted. I must have been pretty worked up myself because I checked the trippy and my top speed was 42! Not bad for an old gal!

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Bluenoser said...

42... sure that wasn't an age-o-meter.